Halloween Gemstone Bracelet

Halloween Gemstone Bracelet

Halloween theme bracelets, Lava Rock and orange Chalcedony with 2 stone glow in the dark beads & stone skull face center piece, also black obsidian and orange Chalcedony with 2 glow in the dark stone beads & stone skull face center piece. Unique piece.
Black Obsidian Stone is a powerful cleanser of psychic smog from your aura. It's a strong psychic protection stone that helps shield you against negativity. It has powerful metaphysical properties and a good action to cut or sever ties. This will help to break negative attachments to people with whom you have been close.
Lava Stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth. It gives us strength and courage, allowing us stability through times of change. It provides guidance and understanding in situations where we may need to "bounce back". A calming stone, it is very useful in dissipating anger.

Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that promotes brotherhood and good will. It absorbs negative energy. It brings the mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony. ... Chalcedony improves mineral assimilation and combats mineral buildup in veins.
Strechy bracelet fits most wrists.

$8.99 1pc.

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